High-Tech IRS Offers Many Resources

High-tech IRS offers many resources for small business

The Internal Revenue Service offers a large number of video and audio presentations for small businesses. These resources can help small business owners better understand tax deductions, write-offs and new tax requirements. Also, the IRS has developed a partnership with a multimedia company and provides news and information on IRS regulations and current events geared toward a number of different small business audiences.

Aside from offering video, the IRS has also begun to create podcasts that can be downloaded to your personal music player or certain cell phones and listened to on the go.

An IRS partner website, SBTV, also allows users to join social networks through the website to share in discussions on a number of topics, read and create blogs, and share and comment on user-created content, such as videos and podcasts. SBTV is separate from the IRS, but many of the tips and videos found on the site may help business owners better understand their industry and keep up-to-date on changing trends in the economy.

Visit the IRS’s website’s Small Business/Self-Employed Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop for a selection of tax-related videos. Or, visit Small Business Television to access the IRS and SBTV partnership news site.



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