Tis the Last Day of Tax Season

Tis The Last Day of Tax Season
Tis the last day of tax season
And all through my house
Not a computer is stirring
Not even the mouse!
All the returns are filed neatly away
The K-1s all received by the right day!
W-2s, 1099s, all of the forms are appended
And I do not await any amendeds.
My E-filings are filed
They all were accepted
No fatal errors
No returns rejected!
The printers are silent
The fax is asleep
All of my phone lines
Are silent as sheep!
No extensions are needed
Personal, partnership, corporate or trust
With my receivables paid
I won’t go bust!
Tis a tax season to remember
And cherish for years
I sailed right through it
No tantrums or tears.
WAIT – what is that sound
Disturbing my peace?
My alarm clock is ringing
Won’t it ever cease?
What day is today?
Oh— it’s just March eleven
That dream I was having
Was my slice of heaven.
Well back to the grind
To keep it all going
On top of it all
My article’s owing!

By. David G. Friehling


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