Tax Season Starts on January 30th for most; later for some taxpayers

January 30th is the date that the IRS announced that it plans to open the 2013 filing season and begin processing many individual income tax returns.  For most people, more than 120 million households, you can file your tax returns on Jan. 30th.  There will be a delay for the minority.  You will fall into this category if you are a taxpayer who will claim residential energy credits or general business credits or who depreciate property.   These taxpayers will not be able to file returns until February or March.  The IRS downplays this delay, claiming that most of these taxpayers typically file closer to the April 15th deadline or obtain an extension.

Here are the forms that will require more extensive changes:

Form 5695 Residential Energy Credits

Form 4562 Depreciation and Amortization

Form 3800 General Business Credit

Please contact a tax advisor at 248 952 0200 if you have an questions concerning tax season 2013.

*The IRS is promising to post a full list of forms that is will not accept until on its website at

We will keep you updated as soon as we get the information.


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