5 Reasons to LOVE Tax Season

With the March 15th date fast approaching here are 5 reasons to LOVE Tax Season!

1.  Great Teamwork – We are BUSY!! There is an enormous concentration of work in a small period of time with lots of pressure and deadlines.  Great teamwork builds a tight bond as we work like a well oiled machine towards the common goal.  Associates come out of the wood work to lend a hand and pitch in when needed.  Temporary staff come in for the busy season to help out.  There is such great energy that surrounds our staff and even thought it is busy, seeing everyone work so well together makes Tax Season very rewarding and FUN!

2. Well rounded staff – The concentration of work makes the whole staff well rounded and more tax knowledgeable.  All the way from support staff to Partners, there are plenty of opportunities to work with clients.   Additionally, the staff as a whole need to stay updated on tax laws.  The tax laws change on a fairly regular basis.  This means staff always has something to learn every tax season.  Small or large tax changes create a level playing field for staff of all experience levels.  It’s exciting and challenging to always be learning.

3. Building great relationships – It is not unusual for staff to interact with many clients during tax season.  This is a great time to build upon an established relationships or get to know newer clients.  In an accounting firm, these relationships are one of our most valuable assets.

4. Excuses, Excuses… – Not saying you should use this BUT everyone knows about tax season, so you can get out of going to the third birthday party of your spouses’ cousins in laws’ kid pretty easily…

5. After Tax Season – A great reason to love tax season is to remember what is on the other side!  Post April 15th BLISS.  You are able to finally take time off, see your family, and not work so many Saturdays.  Post Tax Season time is a great time to recharge, focus on business development, build relationships with your center of influence and re-connect with your clients.

Happy Tax Season Everybody!


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