5 Tips to Boost Energy This Tax Season

Revitalize your energy this Tax Season!

Here are 5 simple tips that will help you get that extra boost.

1. Eat Healthy Foods – Food can effect your energy levels in many different ways.  If you know a big Chinese Buffet at lunch will make you feel sleepy around 2pm then you better avoid it.  Instead stick to healthy fresh foods.  Spinach salads, eggs, green tea, and fish.  Stick to low fat, high protein meats and fish and stay away from too much sugar and carbohydrates at lunch to minimize any effects of an energy crash.

2.  De-Clutter – Clean and de-clutter your work space, office or desk.  Sometimes just taking a few minutes a couple times a week to de-clutter can re-energize you.  Also you may find that sticky note with an important task under all your paperwork!  Double bonus.

3. Sleep Well – A good night’s sleep is key to great health and energy.  Researchers contend that 7-8 hours a night is an ideal amount for adults.

4.  Take a Walk – If you are feeling drowsy or a little lackluster take a brisk walk around the office or around the building (if nice enough) to re-energize you. This will boost your energy and is a great way to get you moving more and your metabolism up. Keep a pair of flats/comfortable shoes under your desk to make this more convenient and comfy!

5. Stay Positive – Negative emotions sap your energy, and positive emotions refuel your energy!  Remove negative things from your life as much as you can.  For example – start your morning off with high energy happy music instead of listening to the morning news that normally broadcasts negative stories.


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