Home Security Tips!

The sun is shining and summer is right around the corner so we wanted to share some great tips to keep your home safe!  Home burglaries are most often a crime of opportunity.  Here are ten practical tips to burglarproof your house!

1.   Secure Your Doors and Windows!

The first line of defense in your home’s security is having a solid exterior door with high quality deadbolt locks.  This is important for any and all exterior doors  including patio doors and side doors.  Additionally, during the warmer months remember to always close and lock windows at night since many break ins can happen by easily removing a screen and climbing right in.  You can also install eye bolts into the frame of your sliding windows to allow for ventilation without leaving room for an intruder to sneak in.  Lastly, with spring here a lot of us will be out in our yards spring cleaning, and gardening.  Make sure to close your garage doors.  Recently. thieves have been more gutsy about stealing right out of your garage or going into your home while you are in the yard or at home.  Simply closing your garage door will stop this open invitation!

2.   A “Man’s Best Friend”

Dogs are not only “man’s best friend.” They can also be a burglar’s worst enemy.  Burglars will avoid houses with dogs even small dogs.  A dog’s bark is a very effective deterrent!

3.  Making Changes at the Post Office

A clear sign that someone is gone for an extended period of time is if there is a mounting pile of mail or newspapers at the house.  It’s like an open invitation to burglars!  Before you go on an extended trip make a quick trip to the post office and have them hold your mail.  It’s an easy and quick process.

4.  A Home Security System

If you want something that not only makes noise when there’s an intruder, but also calls for help, consider installing a home security system. There are many different options and price points for families.

5.  Motion Sensor Lights

Installing sensor lights  is a great way to illuminate portions of your property only when needed.  It can alert you if you are at home if something is amiss.  Additionally, if you are out of town and your lights go on it creates a spot light on any burglar who is up to no good.  Outside lighting is one of the cheapest deterrents.

6. Warning Signs!

Got a dog or a home security system? Share that information with signage on your fence, door, or window. Letting a burglar know you are well protected makes you less of a target.  Look at your home from a burglar’s point of view!  They will think twice before targeting your home if they see signs for a dog or home security system since they do not want to be seen or caught.

7.   A Neat and Tidy Yard

An overgrown lawn can indicate to a burglar that you are on vacation and untrimmed bushes and shrubs provide good hiding places for thieves.  Keep your house tidy and if you are going to be away for a long period of time, hire a company to mow your lawn to keep up appearances.

8.  Always Appear Home!

Just like in “Home Alone” where the thieves case the neighborhood first, some burglars know or study your routine before breaking in.  When there is a change in that routine, like when you are out of town, burglars know that your home is clear for a break in!  Using timers on your lights, television and other electronics can keep up appearances.  Also remember to randomize the timers since it makes it appear more realistic.

9.  Be Careful on Social Media!

Social media is becoming so popular these days.  But you always have to be careful about what you post.  We get so excited to share with the world that we are going on an amazing vacation for a week but we forget that this posting could be an open invitation to a potential burglar!  So make sure  you turn your posts to private and you trust the people in your social media circles.  Better yet – post all those great vacation pictures when you return!!

10.  Love thy Neighbor

If you have a neighbor that you are close with and trust, have them help you out when you go away on vacation.  They can help by picking up your mail and newspapers daily.  Also by simply keeping an eye on your house and checking up on it periodically.  Another great tip is to have the neighbor park their vehicle in your driveway occasionally while you are on vacation.  Again, creating the illusion that someone is living there.   And return the favor!  A safer and more vigilant neighborhood is a neighborhood a criminal will avoid!


3 thoughts on “Home Security Tips!

  1. The number of home burglaries traditionally spike in the summer months. Light timers and Fake TV are excellent solutions to deter burglars. Also, playing anti-theft home occupancy sounds MP3 or a CD (sells on Amazon or at http://www.webensource.com/burglar_deterrent_cd/ ) in home while away is a great way to trick burglar that someone is in.

  2. It’s great to practice these things if you don’t have a security system. However, if you can afford it, I recommend for all people to have a security system in their home. You can never be too safe when it comes to your family’s security.

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