For Your Information -If you prepare form 1099misc from QuickBooks

Intuit sent an email (see below for message) to registered QuickBooks users that may cause some confusion.  It states if you do not have QB2014 you will need to hand complete form 1099misc or upgrade to QuickBooks 2014.


This is not true unless you have QB2011 or older. Intuit has sunset all QuickBooks versions 2011 and older; therefore Intuit will not send the update that will correct the form 1099misc module.

QB 2012 or newer will be able to print form 1099misc with the new IRS changes for 2013.  There will be an update sometime between now and January that will fix the printing to be in the correct 2013 IRS format.  The update will need to be downloaded manually if you have auto updates turned off.

If you have any questions please call our QuickBook Consultants and ProAdvisors at Gordon Advisors 248 352 0275.


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