New Employee Spotlight: Carmen Jaeger


Carmen S. Jaeger, CPA, MST, CFP® is one of our newest team members.  She is a manager in the tax department at Gordon Advisors, P.C.

What is your favorite part of Tax Season?

I like the rush of the last few weeks.  I enjoy being busy and feel like I am accomplishing a lot.

What made you choose Accounting as a career?

I was always good at math, it came natural, even the more difficult concepts.  I thought there was two things I could do with my life, be a math teacher or an accountant.  Patience is maybe not my strongest characteristic, so I did not think I would be a good teacher.  By default, accounting was it.  The good thing is now I LOVE it.

Tell us something unique or interesting about yourself that most people would be surprised to know?

I am very frugal with many things around the house, and I enjoy finding ways to make products that are cheaper and better for the environment.

Favorite quote?

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

When you aren’t in the office, you would be doing what…?

I have 3 kids, age 4 years old and younger.  Need I say more?


I LOVE to golf, even though my handicap doesn’t reflect it.  I also love to buy new golf clothes and shoes.  I probably have more golf clothes than regular clothes.  I am not even sure my husband knows how many pairs of golf shoes I have, I hide them in my locker.

I am also a strict vegetarian.  I enjoy researching and learning about all aspects of nutrition and our food supply.  I have a small garden where I grow my own vegetables, and a few fruit trees which have yet to bear any edible fruit (they are a work in process).

Favorite local restaurant?

CK Diggs – good food, kid friendly, within walking distance of my house on a nice summer night.

Favorite place in Michigan?

My house, mainly my basement bar and my bed.

Favorite place outside of Michigan?

Anywhere with a warm beach and a pool with a swim up bar or cabana.  Specifically, Cabo San Lucas where my husband and I had our honeymoon.

Best part of working at Gordon Advisors so far?

The people and work environment.


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