What Qualifies as a Medical Deduction?

In 2014 there is a higher itemized medical deduction threshold, raising to 10 percent of your adjusted gross income (AGI) from 7.5 percent in 2013.  Once you hit that threshold, there are many medical and dental expenses that do qualify for the deduction.  You can deduct costs related to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.  Long term care insurance qualifies as well as the cost of your prescriptions.

Here are some other examples of costs you can deduct:

– Auto costs of outfitting a car with special controls needed by a handicapped or disabled person

– Acupuncture or chiropractor fees

– Prescription eye wear, including contact lenses, eye glasses, cleaning drops and wetting drops

– Hearing Aids

– Childbirth Preparation Classes for the mother

– Home improvements that are for medical purposes and do not add to the value of your home

– Removing lead-based paint from a surface in poor repair that is within the reach of a child

– Meals while in a hospital or similar facility

– Smoking Cessation programs

– Weight loss programs for specific disease or condition such as obesity (does not include cost of food)


If you have specific questions about your situation please give us a call at 248 952 0200 and speak to one of our tax professionals.


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