Gordon Gardening Tips

With spring in full swing and summer on it’s way we asked an avid gardener at Gordon Advisors to share some gardening tips!

Where to plant your garden

  • Convenient to your home and close to a water source
  • Where the soil is good and free from toxins
  • Sunny, level spot (six to eight hours of sunlight)
  • Stay away from trees and shrubs
  • Avoid north-facing slopes and low areas

Build your garden soil

  • Add organic matter every year
  • Test your soil for acidity (ph ) and nutrients
  • Use appropriate amount and type of fertilizer
  • Prepare your garden soil for planting and avoid compacting it

Plan your garden on paper

  • Start small (20’ x 10’) and expand with more experience
  • Plant tall vegetables on the north side
  • Give each plant the space it needs
  • Draw garden map and include:

o   Specific location of each vegetable crop
o   Spacing between plants and rows
o   Vegetables your family likes to eat
o   Planting dates

Plant your vegetable garden

  • Buy and plant seeds and transplants according to your plan
  • Harden off your transplants
  • Plant when the soil is warm enough for your vegetable crops
  • Use Mulch, and maybe row covers

For more information:  www.migarden.msu.edu


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