Is Your Not-for-Profit Buried in Compliance Issues?

The variety of compliance issues facing not-for-profit organizations today is growing at a staggering rate. They affect a number of areas, including:



 Internet transactions.
 Interorganization transactions.
 The tax implications of planned giving.
 Preparation of IRS 990 and 990T forms, as well as other government filing requirements.

Who can keep up with it all? Thankfully, you don’t have to. With the increasing complexity of laws and regulations, it’s important for associations, foundations, charities, hospitals, schools and other 501(c) entities to seek out professionals with extensive experience in not-for-profit compliance issues.

Contact our firm to handle your organization’s filing deadlines and compliance requirements. We stay on top of changing regulations and interpretations. That way, you don’t have to.




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One thought on “Is Your Not-for-Profit Buried in Compliance Issues?

  1. This is good. When people tell me that they are thinking of setting up a non profit I first ask them is there is anyone nearby with the same goals. If so go approach them and see how you can help

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