Happy Thanksgiving!


All of us at Gordon Advisors, P.C. would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

We asked our Gordon family what they are thankful for this year!  

They also shared some of their favorite Thanksgiving food, memories and their plans for this Thanksgiving!

Sherrylee – I am most thankful for my family.  And I always look forward to the big Thanksgiving Turkey!

Adam – I look forward to the Thanksgiving Turkey and of course watching the Lions!

Sali – I am thankful for my employment at Gordon Advisors, P.C. and I am looking forward to some Black Friday Shopping!

Paul – Thankful for 3 kids at Michigan State University.  And thankful that Michigan State beat U of M and Ohio State this year!

Christine – When we were little, we visited our Aunt up in Mount Pleasant.  She was a great cook.  One time though she accidentally put moonshine in the turkey instead of wine and there were STRONG fumes coming out of the oven that year!

Liana – This year we are doing something different.  My family and I are volunteering at a church preparing and serving meals to the needy.

Mary – Excited to spend time with my family.  We are going to the nursing home where my mom is and eating dinner with everyone.

Lynn –  I love pumpkin pie! Except for the time one of my sisters used salt instead of sugar in the pumpkin pie recipe and that pumpkin pie tasted AWFUL!


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